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What is AppSwitch?

AppSwitch is an app discovery service that helps people find Windows Phone and Windows 8 app equivalents for those they had on their Apple iOS, Google Android or BlackBerry device.

The Windows Store has many new and exciting apps just waiting to be downloaded and AppSwitch can help people find them.

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How Does it Work?

A match shows how a Windows app is equivalent to an app on a different platform. These matches are generated automatically and ranked using our special algorithm to help users find the best replacement apps.

AppSwitch functions very much like a community - users can both vote on the quality of matches and also suggest matches in case we missed any!

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Featuring apps in AppSwitch

Users of AppSwitch WANT to download apps and therefore, if you've got a great app - why not highlight it in AppSwitch? It might be the second Windows app they ever use (after AppSwitch of course!).

Featured apps can be submitted from within AppSwitch - you'll find it's very competitively priced.